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This grid shows the iteration history for a two-dimensional non-metric multidimensional scaling. The first column gives the iteration number, the second the stress value at this iteration, and the third, the step size used to move the site positions.


The change in stress can also be plotted; see MDS plots.


mds stress


If a maximum number of dimensions above 2 is selected, this grid also tabulates the final stress value for models ranging from 1-dimensional to the maximum dimension selected by the user (the default is 2). These data are also available as a plot. These data can give an idea of the true dimensionality of the data set, as stress will reach a minimum value once the necessary number of dimensions required to fully express the distances between sites is reached. It gives an impression of the suitability of a two-dimensional plot to show between-site relationships. If a two-dimensional representation is satisfactory, then an increase in dimension number will not greatly decrease stress.


See Printing and exporting text to save or print this table.


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