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Select this tab to display the ordination plots of the data. This window shows plots of both the sample and species scores. The display options are selected from the panel to the left of the graph. This panel can be shrunk to the left to make the plot as large as possible. Above the plot there is a toolbar of commonly-used graphics editing tools.


If you have assigned your sites/samples to groups, you can also draw a perimeter round a group, as shown in the plot below.




The Label radio box is used to select labeling for the points. Select Both to display on the plot the names of the samples and species. Select None if no labels are required. Select Species (variables) or Samples to display variable or sample names respectively.


The Plot radio box allows sample, species or both ordinations to be plotted.


Axes to Plot

The axes displayed in the plot are selected using the Plot x Axis, y Axis, z Axis drop-down boxes. The default is Axis 1 and Axis 2, which will display the relative positions of the samples with respect to the two largest components. A 3D plot is produced if a z variable is selected.