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A wide range of new features have been added for most of the methods.


1. The methods for selecting and editing group membership have been extensively developed.

2. New dendrogram plotting options are implemented.

3. In PCA: a scree plot showing how the fraction of total variance in the data is explained or represented by each Principal Component.



A scree plot offered by PCA


4. Multidimensional scaling plots have been improved so that a bubble plot showing the relative abundance of a selected variable in each sample can be displayed. This shows the contribution of the species to the ordination.


Bubble plot

An example of a bubble plot generated using the Hinkley fish demo data set.


5. New data exploration options, Profile Plot, Scatter Plot and Matrix Plot.


6. Completely new Print Preview for dendrograms and charts.


7. The video guides have now been removed from the program, and are now hosted on YouTube.