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CAP 5 offers the ability to import data directly from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The program can import .csv (Comma-separated values) files,  .xls files (Excel 97-2003 format), but not xlsx (Excel 2007/10/13) folders.


It is important, however, that a number of points are observed:


1.If you are using a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets, the data will be imported from the worksheet that was open (visible) when the workbook was last saved.
2.The data should be present as a contiguous rectangular block, starting at Cell A1.
3.Cell A1 itself should be empty, with sample names present in Row 1 and variable (species) names present in Column 1.
4.The import procedure ignores formulae in cells and imports the visible values.
5.Ensure that all cells rightwards and downwards from cell B2 contain numerical data.
6.CAP can import directly from Excel whether Excel is open or not, provided the worksheet has been saved.


The image below shows a typical data set organised within Excel. The columns are the samples and the rows are the values for the variables.




Remember that you can also copy from Excel and paste directly into a CAP data grid - see Copy and pasting data.