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Almost every aspect of your graphs can be edited.


The graph option buttons on the Chart Toolbar are described in order from left to right below. A hint will pop up if you hover over a button.


graph tools edit


Pointer - the standard cursor symbol.

Edit - This button will offer a wide range of options to change the style of your graph. It is also used to export or copy your graph to file, and even to email it using the 'Send' button.

Print - Use this button to print the graph

Copy - Use this option to copy the graph to the clipboard.

Save - Save the file in a variety of different formats.

Increase font - This will increase the font size of the chart titles.

Decrease font - This will decrease the font size of the chart titles.

Increase line thickness - This increases the thickness of plotted lines such as eigenvectors.

Decrease line thickness - This decreases the thickness of plotted lines.

Increase symbol - Increase the size of a plotted point.

Decrease symbol - Decrease the size of a plotted point.

Change between colour/grey scale - Change between a colour and greyscale plot.

Change symbol set - Change the plotting symbols between the default setting, coloured squares, and triangles and rotated squares.

Add grid - Add graph grid lines to the plot.

Add legend - Switch the chart legend on or off. N.B. This legend can be used to select groups for plotting.

Add stalks - Add stalks to points - useful for 3D plots.

Select theme - Use to select a particular style of graph, for example black background.


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