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You can edit and add data to the Raw Data grid.


Note: If you press the Delete key on your keyboard while a cell, rather than the value in the cell, is selected, the entire row will be deleted (simply re-load the original data file to restore the row). If you do wish to use the Delete key, then make sure that only the value in the cell is selected.


Selected cell:                             Selected value:

selectedcell                 selectedvalue


A single value in the raw data grids can be edited by double-clicking into the cell to select it, and typing in a new value. To add or delete columns and rows, use the tool bar above the raw data grid (shown below):


raw data grid3

From left to right, the tool bar buttons are:

Insert row above selected

Insert row below selected

Insert column to left of selected

Insert column to right of selected

Delete selected row

Delete selected column

Resize grid

Promote first data row to title row

Demote title row to first data row

Move Right - Insert column to left of entire block of data (i.e. add a column of row header cells).

Move Left - Remove row header column from left of entire block of data

Label Rows - add labels (Row1, Row2, etc) to the row headers column.

Label Columns - add labels (Column1, Column2, etc) to the column headers row.


When you have made changes to the raw data, they must be transferred to the Working Data grid; click on the Working Data tab at the bottom of the program window, and click the Reload Raw Data button. CAP will use the working grid thus created for all subsequent calculations. If you have already done an analysis, for instance a PCA, and then changed the raw data, the PCA results will not be updated immediately; you will need to run the analysis again.


Any changes you make to the raw data will not alter a saved data file until File: Save is used, from the Raw Data page.


The Working Data grids can also be edited. Changes made to the working grids will not be transferred to the raw data grid. Transformed or otherwise changed working data can be saved as a new data set using File: Export from the Working Data page.