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The Options pane of a cluster dendrogram is shown below:



Space Equally Horizontally. Selecting this option will spread the branches of the dendrogram equally across the plot, otherwise the divisions are shown at the point they occur on the axis scale.

Sizing the dendrogram to either fit the screen or make the species titles readable. Use the Fit Text / Fit Screen button to toggle between the two options. When Fit Screen is active, the whole dendrogram is displayed in the window; for larger dendrograms the labels will overlap. To see the labels clearly, select Fit Text and use the scrollbar to move down the dendrogram.


You can change all other aspects of your dendrogram, and also the information displayed, using the Edit Dendrogram dialog:


edit dendrogram dialog3


The Lines tab offers options to change many aspects of the branches of the dendrogram.

The Labels tab allows the font and position of the labels to be edited, and to show the colours assigned to groups in your data set. Shown below is an example dendrogram produced if you select Short stub.

The Critical Values tab allows you to put on the dendrogram the distance values which cause the samples to be combined. These are shown on the plot below.

The Axis tab gives options for the form of the axis.

The Background tab allows the background colour and the width of the left and right margins to be altered.

The Copy/Export tab offers output options, to copy the dendrogram as an image to paste into another program, or to save it.