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This page displays the dendrogram of the TWINSPAN analysis for the sites or samples; here we have used the Dune species demo data set. At each division the indicator species are shown. The look of the dendrogram can be edited with Editing TWINSPAN Dendrograms.




Sizing the dendrogram to either fit the screen or make the sample titles readable.  Use the Fit Text / Fit Screen button to toggle between the two options. When Fit Screen is active the whole dendrogram is displayed in the window; for larger dendrograms the labels will overlap. To see the labels clearly, select Fit Text and use the scrollbar to move down the dendrogram.


To edit all other aspects of the dendrogram, use Editing TWINSPAN Dendrograms in the Options panel on the left-hand pane.


Identifying the divisions. To obtain details about the divisions produced, note the indicator species for the division in question on the dendrogram and then click on the Twinspan Text tab. Scrolling down this output, each division is identified by its respective indicator species. Information about the division is then given in full.