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Installing CAP also installs a selection of demonstration data sets of widely differing size and type. These allow you to experiment with the program and by opening these files in Excel or another spreadsheet, see how the data are organised. Files are embedded within the program.


From biology


Aldabra Atoll vegetation survey data - aldabra veg.csv


Coastal dune vegetation survey - dune species.csv


Hinkley Point fish survey - Hinkley fish.csv


Southern English chalk stream invertebrate survey - River inverts.csv - see Worked Example Stream Invertebrates


Data on fish caught on power stations in N. Europe - Powerstation fish.csv


Data on the songs of different cicada species - cicada.csv - see Worked Example Cicada Song


Data on the morphology of 3 species of iris flower - irises.csv


The Hinkley fish.csv file holds the actual monthly captures of fish collected at Hinkley Point in the Severn Estuary over a 14 year period. You can find more information on this exceptional time series, which is now in its 33rd year, on our website.



From archeology and anthropology


Measurements on Egyptian skulls through time - Egyptian skulls.csv


Analysis of Japanese potsherds - Jomon Hall.csv - see Worked Example Japanese Pottery


Seriation of Ancient Greek finds - Melos.csv


Analysis of Nigerian potsherds - Nigerian pottery.csv


Comparison of chemistry of Romano-British pottery - Romano British pottery.csv


East Anglian employment in the middle ages - 16 century east anglia.csv


From geology and palaeontology


Analysis of Ordovician molluscs - Ordovician fossils.csv


Petrology of igneous rock Martinsville Virginia - Petrology.csv - see Worked Example Martinsville Igneous


Sociology and marketing


Soft drink preferences - beverages.csv


Lawnmower use - lawnmower.csv